Sex Things That Women Talk About With Their Friends

Having sex is like the rite of passage of becoming a proper adult who has had the experience of being with another person intimately. They talk about all the details with their friends and leave nothing out of the conversation at all. They do love sharing. Sharing is actually a good thing, as it builds trust and strengthens the bond you have with the person you are sharing your experiences with. These are some of the things that women tend to share with their closest friends.

–    When and who they had sex with for the first time. Where they did it, what it felt like. They even describe the physical state of the guy and even talk about his penis. In-depth.

–    It is indeed harder for women to attain orgasm when compared to men, who orgasm almost every day with little effort during masturbation. So, therefore, it is a big deal to them when they find a partner who can make them orgasm. So when they finally do have orgasms with their new boyfriend, they talk about it in detail. They go into everything the guy did to make her climax. And they’re very happy about it.

–    They even talk about how sexually charged up they are. If they haven’t been able to have sex in a while, they make it a topic of discussion and tend to help each other find a guy. It is misconceived that men have a higher libido than women, but that information is not accurate. Libido totally depends on you and your sexuality. And even though it is a popular fact that men think about sex, more than women, it is totally possible for women to want to have sex more, but they just don’t express that as much as men do.

–    They brag about some techniques that they use in bed that makes the guy go nuts (pun intended) they are indeed very proud of the fact that they know what men like and will do things to impress and pleasure their man.

–    Coming back to the size of a man’s penis. Women say the famous words “size doesn’t matter” but indeed it does to them in some cases. Not implying that all of them are lusting after well-endowed men, but they do prefer a man who has a penis that is above average or at least above average (4-5 inches). They discuss the size, color, shape, inclination towards what direction, etc.

–    They would be incredibly excited to tell their best friend about their most recent hookup story, and they will also be willing to see what their friend has to say about it.


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