PC Gaming Devices

While having a good PC compatible gaming device is absolutely a requirement, two of the biggest PC gaming devices available today are the mouse and keyboard. There are tons of popular games that are specifically designed for both a mouse and keyboard control scheme, so if you’ve invested into a top-of-the-line PC and surround sound system, you absolutely should have both a mouse and keyboard to go with it. If you’re not sure which one you’d like to get first, you can read up on some comparisons of popular gaming mice and keyboards and then decide which one you want to go with based on your own personal needs. Here’s a quick rundown of the major mouse and keyboard controls for popular Windows operating systems:

For casual PC gamers and younger kids (ages six to nine), Logitech is probably the biggest known brand when it comes to PC gaming accessories. Their wireless Optical Mouse is extremely comfortable and lightweight, with an extremely responsive surface. The standard version runs about thirty dollars, while the premium edition is almost double the price at around seventy-five dollars. The optical style is also perfect for people who are just beginning to learn to use a PC, as it provides a realistic feel for using a mouse in comparison to a console gaming system. Most PC gaming mice these days are designed with larger buttons and sliders for extra control.

Next up on our list of popular pc gaming devices is the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate. This keyboard and mechanical mouse fit right at home with any gamer on the go. At its base it is about as thick as a USB flash drive, but thanks to its fully mechanical design, there is no need for a mouse pad or wheel to be attached. On the Razer side of things, this gaming keyboard has a ten key roll-over function that will allow the user to instantly switch between different hot keys without having to reposition their wrist. Included with the keyboard are two additional USB sticks which can be used for other computer related tasks such as streaming, capturing screenshots, or connecting up to four computers simultaneously. On the gamer’s side of things, the Razer Blackwidow Ultimate is extremely durable and built to withstand hours of constant gaming.

We’ll wrap up our quick look at some of the more popular gaming PC gaming devices at the end of this article. At the top of the list is the Logitech Gazer. This keyboard allows PC gamers to input commands with the exclusive Logitech Gazer software interface and can be used with Microsoft windows as well as most other operating systems. Next up on our list of popular guy’s is the EVGA SuperClocked iGame 7. This card is one of the more powerful on the market and has proven very popular with many leading PC gaming enthusiasts.

Some other popular choices for the high end pc gaming devices include the Asus Xonic and the Gigabyte overclocking model of the AMD Phenom II. The Asus models generally have better performance than the Gigabyte however, both in terms of gaming performance and overall reliability. Last but certainly not least on the list of popular gaming laptops is the Sony VAuto gaming laptop. This machine is extremely popular amongst professional gamers. It has all the features you would come to expect from a top of the line laptop, with exception to the built in wi-fi. With a price point in the upper range of gaming laptops, it comes as little surprise that it manages to maintain its popularity amongst users.

There are many more models available on the market today, ranging from smaller to larger forms factors. In this article we looked at some of the most popular gaming laptops currently on the market, as well as some of the more popular gpu’s available. Regardless of which of the new pc gaming device you decide to go with, you will definitely be able to enjoy the many hours of enjoyment that playing games can bring to your PC.