Biggest Myths About Escorts

Since being an escort is a controversial thing to do, there is obviously tremendous loads of gossip that flies around about them. There are too many misconceptions about them, and what they do. Although some people are fascinated by what they can do and how they help people, some people can’t help but frown upon what escorts do, even though it is none of their business. Mainly escorts and all other kinds of sex workers have been portrayed very unrealistically in movies and TV shows, so, therefore, there is this clouded view for the mass public about them. It has fueled the misguided perception of one of the oldest professions ever. Here are some myths and misconceptions about escorts and sex workers that the mass public chooses to believe:

  1. People view them as objects. As though they are not human. They are seen with a lot of disgust and disapproval. Why? Because they have sex for money. That is incredibly unfair. It is their choice. And I believe every human has free will to do whatever they want. We must do our best to stay neutral about things that don’t affect us.
  2. They are not here to pick up unwanted people who are not able to acquire sexual relations on their own. The typical client is normally in his/her 40s-50s. Most of whom are unhappily married. There have been many cases where very well adjusted men and women do end up visiting escorts. People usually don’t like imagining normal people visiting escorts. But the fact is that it is normal to hire an escort if you can afford it and if you feel like you need the company of a strange person.

People assume escorts cater to mentally unstable, violent, overweight and unmarried people. But that doesn’t seem to be the reality. The reality is that they get requests from all kinds of people. Whether they choose to accept the client is left to them.

  1. There is a myth that they are victims of violence, but nope. Most escorts have never been abused or violated by anyone. Nor are they a victim of child sexual abuse. Escorts don’t choose the professions if they have had a tough childhood or abusive people in their lives. They usually start doing what they do because they do enjoy sex more than the average human. They have not damaged goods.
  2. They aren’t addicts. There is undoubtedly a correlation between substance abuse and sex work, but not all of them do drugs. Many of them are actually sober. Having your wits about you is actually important in the job. Most of their clients are clean and sober as well.
  3. They don’t lack better career options. People believe they have chosen the escorting world because they have no other choice. Some escorts actually use it as stepping stone to college and toward a degree. Escorting does have a short shelf life and does not age too well.

These are some of the myths and delusions that the public has about escorts and other sex workers. But in reality, it does take a lot of guts to do what they do, and they should be treated with respect, and of course as human.

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